Rock Band vs Guitar Hero: Which is the better rhythm game?

Which Rock Band Game is the Best?

Rock Band 4 is a solid rhythm game that picks up where its predecessors left off. However, it lacks any real innovation that might push it to the next level.

Developed by Harmonix, this music video game lets players sing, beat on drums or play guitar while wearing special peripheral instruments. Players score points by hitting cued notes that scroll across the screen.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is an exciting musical game which allows players to use a variety of different game controllers such as Guitars, Drums etc to play the music. The game is a part of the Rock Band series, and is developed by Harmonix and Pi Studios. The player can either play alone as a single player or cooperatively with other players as part of a band. The game is played by pressing the buttons on the controller at the right time when a musical note falls down or slides in front of the screen.

The game includes songs from a wide range of genres, including classic rock, punk, pop and even country. In addition to allowing players to use their own guitars and drum kits, Guitar Hero also has a unique feature called Overdrive. Overdrive allows the player to increase their score by hitting the notes more accurately during specific sections of a song. Players can activate Overdrive by filling up their Energy Meter. This meter is filled up when the player successfully hits all of the white sustained notes within a section, or by using the whammy bar on the guitar controller during those sections.

A notable aspect of the game is that it features a full line-up of famous guest musicians. This includes Slash, Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash among others. Rock Band 4 is the latest iteration of the popular series, and while the game offers some improvements over previous games, it’s not exactly a revolutionary product.

For one, the on-disc set list is noticeably shorter than it should be. The game’s biggest names, like U2 and Van Halen, only get a couple of tracks each. Similarly, Green Day only gets two songs (American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown). Also, the inclusion of some songs is simply baffling. Bruno Mars, for instance, has a song in the game that would be a big hit with the pop music crowd but is wildly out of place for a rock band game.

Rock Band

The first game to offer up the concept of being in a virtual rock band — guitar, bass and drums with a microphone for singing — Rock Band made a huge splash upon its release. The game set a new standard for music games by forcing gamers to work together to perform and earn score bonuses as a team, rather than individually. The resulting experience can be intoxicating for those that enjoy playing with friends, especially when the whole group is in sync and using Overdrive during a song everyone knows by heart to double their points.

The game builds upon the gameplay Harmonix established in its Guitar Hero series by adding drums and vocals to the mix. Up to four players (or three on songs with vocal harmonies) can play bass, guitar, drums and a microphone in time with a selection of popular rock songs. On guitar, players hold one of five fret buttons and press them in time with scrolling musical “notes” on the screen. On drums, players tap the pads and foot pedal in time with colored notes on the screen. During the song, the entire band earns points for successfully playing marked sections of the track or activating Overdrive, which doubles a player’s score during its duration.

Like the aforementioned Guitar Hero, the controllers for Rock Band are modeled after actual instruments. The bass guitar, for example, has a larger neck and a second set of narrower fret buttons further up the neck that can be tapped to create solos. In addition, the drum set is a bit more realistic, with a wired pair of toms and a cymbal stand that requires a real drummer to play well.

While the Rock Band game has an excellent music library, its set list can be a bit lacking in some areas. This is most evident when compared to its spinoff game, Rock Band Blitz, which has a great set list with almost every song being fun to play.

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