Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a Wedding Music Band

How Much Do Wedding Music Bands Cost?

The cost of hiring a wedding music band depends on a variety of factors. Typically, larger bands charge more. They may also add a fee for extra equipment like projectors, lighting and more. If you want them to learn new songs for your event, this will also cost you.

It’s essential to consider all of these elements thoroughly when selecting your ideal wedding band. This will ensure you select the perfect band to make your day a delightful experience for all your guests!


A wedding band isn’t just musicians — they’re entertainment professionals who are preparing to lead the way for your guests through a series of events, from dinner to dancing. They’re also responsible for a number of logistics on the day-of, including setting up equipment and providing a backup microphone if you plan to have a ceremony speaker that requires extra audio support.

In addition, many bands are based in specific towns or cities, and they charge extra for destination weddings to cover travel expenses and time. As diesel prices continue to rise, these costs will likely be passed on to couples.

If you’re planning a wedding that requires the band to arrive early to set up and do a soundcheck, this will also add to their overall cost. They’ll need to account for this additional work hours when quoting you a price. Also, the more hours you require them to play, the higher the price will be.


Many brides and grooms hire a wedding band for their special day because they want the music to provide a professional and memorable experience. However, it’s important to note that quality and professionalism come at a price, so experienced bands tend to cost more than ones with less seasoned players.

Another factor that impacts the cost of a wedding band is their reputation and stature in the industry. A reputable band with an impressive portfolio might charge more than one with limited experience, but it’s worth noting that they might also provide a much better performance.

In addition, you should also consider the amount of time you’re hiring them for. Most bands quote for four hours of performance, which includes two to three 40-minute sets with breaks in between. Additionally, some bands might charge extra for emcee services or the use of their equipment (if they’re not providing it themselves). These additional fees can add up.

Rehearsal Needs

Depending on the type of music you want for your wedding, the band size can range from five to over ten musicians, including drums, bass, guitar, keyboard or piano, one or more vocalists (both male and female), and horns. Additional instrumentation can also increase the cost.

Most bands will require at least one rehearsal prior to your event. This time helps them fine-tune their performances and learn any new songs that will be featured during the big day.

Most bands charge by the hour, so make sure you account for the amount of time you would like them to perform on your wedding day. In addition, some bands may charge a travel fee if they are required to travel a distance or if your event is on a popular date, such as a summer Saturday. This fee covers the costs of mileage, gas, airfare and accommodations if necessary. Some bands also offer a DJ service for a more complete evening of entertainment, at an additional cost.

Additional Services

Depending on how much a band charges and their reputation, they may also provide other services to help ensure your wedding runs smoothly. This can include ceremony music, daytime acoustic sets and professional DJ services. Bundling these services together can save you money.

Finally, many bands charge for any travel expenses incurred in order to perform at your wedding. This can add a substantial amount to their total cost.

Unless you have a truly tight budget, it’s generally worth investing in a first class wedding band to entertain your guests. A great dance band will not only deliver everyone’s favorite dance tunes, they will do so with energy and a show that will create a buzz around the room and inspire people to join in the fun. DJs simply cannot replicate this level of live entertainment. This is why most couples hire a top class wedding band to start with. They will often then hire a DJ to handle the dance music once the band has finished.

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